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The Sambar Incident

The Sambar Incident is a Malaysian owned streetwear clothing line. The brand was initiated in 2018 by founder, Lobhini Gunasegaran as a passion project. In 2021, it turned into a full-time establishment. The brand identity is inspired by the heritage and culture of Malaysians, particulary Malaysian Indians. Being a Tamil born Malaysian herself, founder gets her inspirations from her roots and upbringing. A strong believer in harmonising modern and traditional elements in life which is then translated into the brand.

Top Reviews

An amazing brand!
Kanchana Somasundram
Ordered twice from them and both the times I had difficulties deciding on the size of the tee shirts as I was buying it for my brothers and TSI was tolerant and patient with my thousand and one questions and even helped me out to compare sizes of various other brands to explain the differences in terms of cuttings. TSI you guys are just awesome and once again thank you for bringing joy and style
Love the hoodie!
Yoke Chin
Honestly love the hoodie. So comfy for the cold weather. Will look thru the design to purchase your collections. Unique and my kinda designs. Thank you so much!