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Silk Smitha x Local Acts

by The Sambar Incident 13 Oct 2022
Silk Smitha x Local Acts
Vijayalakshmi Vadlapatla, best known as Silk Smitha, was born in a Telugu family in Kovvali village, Andhra Pradesh.
She was known as one of the boldest actresses in the history of indian cinema as she defied the norms of what a typical South Asian woman should represent back in her day. Hailed as the 'queen of sensuality', Silk Smitha built her career through hard work against all the naysayers that went against her. 
As a tribute to celebrate the bold women that broke stereotypes who carved a path for all us couragous women now, The Sambar Incident designed this special Silk Smita tee.

We got three local Malaysia artists to wear the shirts and share their art as bold as Silk Smita. 


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